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I started the route proper on 6th July 2013 at 11am. I'm adding to this diary as the walk progresses.

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19th May 2016

I reached Crianlarich yesterday evening, and, slightly damp, have been relaxing at the youth hostel.

After a week of mainly sunshine, Tuesday rained from 13:30 until 04:00 the next morning - without interruption, I think, although I slept through some of it. I camped quite high, at the col between Ben Lui and Ben Oss, immersed in the fog. Wednesday was somewhat better, but still misty above 600m, but the ground was sodden by then - so my feet were too.

Still, a successful 9 days hike. Another 150km done, a few bonus summits climbed, some lovely views had, and my knees held up (though not without a few minor complaints).

2016/05/19 09:31 · David Edgar · 0 Comments

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March 2018

17th July

Today's route took me to my first munro of the route, Conival, and to a Corbett, Breabag. I suspect Conival in particular was a very nice mountain - not that I saw any of it, since I've been immersed in fog, rain and wind the whole day. Really nasty… Now found a not particularly great spot to camp, and everything's kind of damp… Sodden clothes awaiting me tomorrow, and probably the day after too. Would love it to be sunny tomorrow, or at least dry anyway… I can but hope.


Anthony Dyer, 2013/07/20 22:38

I find it astonishing how little over 100 miles away, us Aberdeenshire folk were basking in temperatures of 24 degrees while the weather did its worst for you. I often observe a sharp boundary between west and east forming just east of the Great Glen. Anyways I'm guessing the weather today (20th July) turn out rather hot for you too.

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