Full Belgian Rail Network Maps


NMBS / SNCB has now produced an updated map of the Belgian rail network, available to download as a single pdf.

You can find this official map in either French at http://hari.b-holding.be/Hafas/folders/map_fr.pdf or Dutch at http://hari.b-holding.be/Hafas/folders/map_nl.pdf.
Since it contains significant updates such as the new HSL 4 (from Antwerp to the Netherlands) and the Athus / Aubange line, I'd strongly recommend to refer to it instead of my ones (still available below).

This is one of many documents available at this list of brochures and maps.

Thanks to Goh Kawai for pointing this out.

I was constantly frustrated that the maps of the Belgian rail network here [broken link] were difficult to view enough of at once, and to download and save. So I set to work.

I provide here a Single GIF Belgian Rail Network Map (164KB), made by compositing all the individual image squares from the map on the www.b-rail.be website. This map image is stored locally on my site, so may be out of date (but probably isn't). Created March 2004.
The names of all stations in various cities can be found here: Brussels, Antwerp, Liege, Ghent & Charleroi.

Alternatively, here is a Single GIF Belgian Rail Network Map with all city stations named. Created March 2006.

Note: the map on the b-rail website has since been changed to an even more unusable flash version. The old maps appear to be no longer accessible.

The maps on this page are provided for utility purposes; I claim no ownership of them.
All the maps here are © Copyright NMBS 2000.