Northern Luxembourg (the Grand Duchy) - May 2004

I visited northern Luxembourg in May 2004, first for a one-day trip and on a second occasion for a four-day trip.

Bourscheid Castle
The medieval Bourscheid Castle sits on a forested hilltop.

The village of Schlindermanderscheid
The village of Schlindermanderscheid sits high on the hills sloping down to the Sûre valley, above the lower forested slopes.

View from the slopes below the village of Hoscheid
A view from a spur on the slopes below the village of Hoscheid, looking down towards the heavily wooded Schlënner valley.

Esch-sur-Sûre is a historic and picturesque village set in a constrained position within a tight loop of the river Sûre (or Sauer). The castle remains dominate the village - another large circular tower was just behind me when I took these photos (can you see the join?!).

View of Luxembourg countryside
A typical view of the Luxembourg countryside.

View of the town of Wiltz
I stayed several nights at the youth hostel in the town of Wiltz. This picture is taken from near the chapel north-west of the town.

View from the tower in the centre of Wiltz
A view from the monument / tower in the centre of Wiltz.

The International Scouting One Penny Monument in Wiltz
Wiltz is a major centre for the scout movement. There are 15-20 scout campsites surrounding the town, and there's also this monument, the "International Scouting One Penny Monument", in honour of Baden-Powell.

The Wiltz skyline as the sun sets
Dusk over Wiltz.

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