Random Bizarre Things

Place Jean Rey Plein, sign and square
La théorie du cube de temps, perhaps?! Is this Brussels' answer to Gene Ray? It's a square in the EU district of Brussels.
Me in a double mirror in a Luxembourg Youth Hostel
It was just the way two mirrors were positioned, one at absolutely 90° to the other, right in the corner of the room. But it gives this fascinating effect. In the right image, my left half is reflected first off the mirror in front of me, then the mirror to the right - and my right half is reflected first off the mirror to the right, then the mirror in front.
Cows (real live ones) in front of the Canary Wharf towers
Who would've thought you could find cows this close to Canary Wharf? They're at Mudchute Farm, in the south of the Isle of Dogs.

Standing in the queue for the proms one early evening in 2000, I was handed this leaflet by a late-middle-aged man who conscientiously gave one to everybody in the line.
Perhaps it's some kind of hoax or prank; something makes me doubt that though. So I assume that these are the genuine, if deluded, thoughts of this man.
I don't know exactly what to make of it; reading the last few sentences, though, I feel sorry for him. He obviously hasn't had the help he needed. It's certainly quite well-written; it seems that he's educated. He wasn't asking for money, nor apparently expecting anything in response to this hand-out.
Unfortunately I've no follow-up to this story. I'm aware that he also gave out the same leaflet to prommers on at least one other evening that year... but I haven't seen him at any of the proms I've been to in the summers since then.
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